Ten Good Reasons to Take Your Classic British Car to the Pub!
1. Just had a hard rain and the Car needs to go back to mark its spot.
2. The Owner of the Pub will give you a pint as the Car draws in customers.
3. You need to talk to other British Car owners to see if they can help you determine the cause of your Car's problems.
4. You need to talk with other British Car owners to see if you can help them determine the cause of their Car problems.
5. The Corvette Club is holding a meeting there. They need to be humbled.
6. You are missing a part for your car and think it must have fallen off at the Pub. You have to retrieve it before another car owner claims it.
7. You have determined after much research and discussion that used cooking oil from cooking Fish & Chips is the exact grade to use in SU carbs. Your carbs are low on oil.
8. It's the only place you can go and admirers of your Car will not call your MG a Morgan, or a Triumph.
9. The Ethanol in the gasolene is three weeks old and going bad. To prevent having to clean the carbs, you need to run fresh gas through the carbs.
10. You just finished working on the Car and it needs to be road-tested. If it breaks down at the Pub other British Car owners will help you fix it.