British Car Clubs of North Florida
Spring Drive & Picnic
Saturday, March 30, 2019 - Report & Photograph Album
Washington Oaks Gardens State Park
6400 N Ocean Shore Blvd., Palm Coast, FL 32137
The Event From a Club Perspective - By Sybil Bradley - Secretary - MG Classics of Jacksonville
The Spring Drive and Picnic was a gem of an opportunity to drive our classics in the company of other enthusiasts and explore a beautiful but little-known park just outside our backyard.  MG Classics of Jacksonville members joined caravans on a bright, warm and finally not windy Saturday morning.
I met the group departing from the Beach Bowl parking lot which was surprisingly abuzz with kids arriving for league play – actual hands-on bowling, no electronics, so good for them.  Many of the kids stopped to check out the cool old cars before we left as a group around 9:20. Various caravans suffered a couple of mechanical casualties, and a drawbridge delay, en route. A very respectable 12 of 14 MGs and 38 British cars in total arrived at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park around the expected hour of 11 am. 
The more experienced club members discussed minor issues that were noticed on various cars recently, or during the drive down.  Intentional foreshadowing: One driver mentioned his brakes felt a little soft.  Driving in the fresh air worked up appetites, and in short order, tablecloths were spread on the tables in the Picnic area Pavilion reserved for the event, and a picnic lunch devoured.  Menus ranged from Lunchables to three-course meals, from water to exotic Sparkling Grape Juice. One table was adorned with candles, perhaps a sacrifice to buy a trouble-free drive home.  Many thanks to those who thoughtfully provided dessert for the crowd including pound cake, brownies and a Union Jack Cake (not sure if that is the real name, it is the best British thing to hit the States since the MG).
To work off lunch, we explored the Park via walking trails through beautifully manicured gardens and along the Intracoastal Waterway.  Members informally caravanned home beginning around 2 pm.  Those brakes that felt soft on the way down soon felt absent on the way home. Quick reflexes ensured both car and driver were undamaged.  After some responsible advice from Bruce and Roberta Sedelmeyer, the call was made to AAA.  The wait for the tow provided an unexpected opportunity for a couple of caravan buddies to tour St Augustine, enjoy dinner, and good conversation.  There is always a silver lining! 
Spring Drive & Picnic - Perspective by the BCCNF Webmaster 
The Turnout was excellent, Forty-two British Cars registered and Thirty-eight made it to the Park. Two cars broke down on the way, and Two car's owners had health issues and were unable to drive. More than Seventy people turned up with several turning up in their daily driver with additional family members onboard. The hero of the event was Bruce Brady: Bruce's Triumph broke down on the outbound leg due to a fuel pump failure. He got a tow home, jumped into his daily driver and arrived with Vicki complete with a picnic to enjoy the event. It was great to welcome two Rolls Royce and two Morgans to the field. Feedback from those who attended indicated that all had a good time.
The final Car Count: 12 Mgs, 11 Triumphs, 7 Austin Healeys, 2 Morgans,  2 Rolls Royce, 1 British Built Lotus Cortina, and 1 Mercury,
During the Homebound leg one Triumph died, one MG lost its brakes, and one MG dramatically overheated. It wouldn't be an authentic British Car event if there weren't a few breakdowns.
Click on the Web Album button to view the fantastic Photographs of the Event by Gary Whiting and Penny Levy.
A BIG THANKS to all who participated, and the Park Ranger for arranging fantastic weather!!

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